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We have a proven track record of helping companies in Healthcare, Retail, Fire Safety & Security, High Tech, HVAC, Lighting, Energy & Power, and many others.

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Over 75 Years Of Combined Experience

Kuehn Consulting

We are a full-service business consultancy with over 75 years of global expertise 

Our team’s experience spans several industries, including Healthcare, Medical Devices, High-Tech, Energy & Power, HVAC, Product Certification and Testing, Lighting, Fire Safety and Security, Retail, Consumer Packaged Goods, Chemicals and Plastics.

We have developed an approach that allows sales and marketing teams to achieve effective alignment through strategy, communications, and technology. Realizing the opportunity to help a more significant number of companies operating as a consultancy, David Kuehn decided to form Kuehn Consulting. He leveraged his extensive network and brought together thought leaders from respective disciplines so that his clients would receive senior executive-level guidance and support to meet these business opportunities and challenges. 


To become the best boutique B2B consulting agency in North America.


Every day, we find ways to support our B2B business partners in exceeding their goals and objectives by leveraging our experience and people-centred approach.

David Kuehn – CEO & Founder

As a unique “full-suite” leader, I bring disruptive innovation and
sustainable growth to businesses. My results as a global commercial
leader are testament to what differentiates me. I have grown
businesses varying in size, culture, location, in several industries. In
addition to driving business results, I am passionate about growing
high-performing teams and developing individuals to reach their full

Recent Accomplishments

  • Responsible for driving global orders, revenue growth, and profitability while leading sales, marketing, business development, customer service, pricing and customer support teams.
  • Developed new sales processes by leveraging CRM and Marketing Automation tools to deliver a consistent, world-class client experience globally.
  • Accelerated company’s growth to deliver double digit growth for seven consecutive years.
  • As GM, led a diverse global team of engineering, operations, sales and marketing to deliver quality solutions to Apple, LG, Samsung, HP, Netgear and other leading consumer electronics companies.

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